Truck Upfitting Your Commercial Vehicle

If you regularly haul materials, tools or other items in your truck and would like to upfit it for better organization, storage and durability then this article should provide helpful information. 

Essentially when a person upfits their vehicle they make an alteration to the car that can range from turning its back into a platform so they can haul machinery all the way to making it fully customizable with attachments such as cranes on them. Other popular additions include winches which are designed specifically for pulling heavy objects out of difficult situations; ramps used for loading cargo onto trucks; receivers fitted underneath trailers enabling vehicles without roofs (such as pick-up trucks) Upfitting is not only common among business owners but people who drive commercial cars because often times these individuals need customized functionality.

As the owner of a fleet of trucks, you know that upfitting is an integral part to your business. Whether it's modifying each truck for the type industry they operate in or changing out features such as cargo space and load capacity, upfitting gives owners versatility when transporting goods.

It takes research and consideration before making any huge decisions on what will be done during this process like deciding whether to install aluminum siding or opt for stainless steel paneling instead but with so many options available today there are no rules on what can be used even if at first glance it seems too difficult!

There are several different styles of truck bodies that you can upfit with your vehicle. 

  • Service Truck Bodies
  • Contractor Truck Bodies
  • Dump Bodies
  • Platform Bodies
  • Landscape Bodies
  • Customized Truck Bodies
When you’re looking to upfit your truck, it can be hard deciding which options are best for the needs of your work vehicle. Luckily there is a range of light-duty and medium-duty trucks that will provide functional value no matter what kind of job you need them to do. 

Upfitting with these vehicles may improve storage space, organization and durability in order to better serve the demands on their jobsites or company fleets alike.

Are You looking to know more about upfitting your truck or van?

Frontline Motors has created a new division for your truck upfitter needs. We have been a leader among truck body sales locally and now with custom truck upfitting, and we have the resourses needed to satisfy all your upfitting needs.
Contact Frontline Upfitters Today. You can call or text us at 717-627-7888.

Also, if you'd be interested in having a personal vehicle upfitted we can help you there as well because we do custom work as well as paint match.

CM Truck Bodies In Stock

If you are trying to find truck beds in stock around the web then you know they are difficult to find. Due to the pandemic the supply of truck beds and truck bodies has actually dwindled and a waiting list a number of months long has been produced. If you are an organization that depends on using truck bodies then you comprehend that time is money. You don't have the high-end of waiting several weeks let alone several months. That affects your bottom line and more notably your consumer's faith in finishing the job because you do not have the equipment to do the job. Fortunately we have both SH previously Swampy Hollow truck beds in stock too plenty of CM Landscape of other truck beds in stock. You value finishing the job right and we are here to assist you reach your goal. Give us a call (717) 444-8263 or visit us online here at

CM Truck Beds In Stock

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Truck Bodies In Stock

If you are in the market for a truck bed then you are going to be surprised by the turnaround time to get your truck body put on your truck. The type of truck body whether SH (Swampy Hollow), CM or even Switch-N-Go doesn't matter, there is a wait for all of them. Given our current pandemic situation this has forced many producers to scramble to have enough parts to build the bodies. This has created a backlog in orders which means long wait times if you order your truck body today. Besides waiting months which you may not even have, the delays can be costly from a business standpoint. That's not any good if you have a landscaping business or a commercial business that relies on using truck bodies in your line of work. Fortunately, FrontlineTruckBodies.Com a division of has plenty in stock and ready to be installed. This is great news for your company because that means you don't have to wait months and months to get your truck bed installed since we have them in stock. You're ready to go, visit us online or on the web or give us a call or text at 717-627-7888

What Color Is Your Commercial Vehicle

Did you know that the most popular color for commercial vehicles is white.

In fact according to a national survey conducted by Spork Marketing, over 30% of all commercial vehicles are white.
You can view the info here 

We are running a facebook post asking folks what the color of their vans, trucks etc are that you can view by going

Learn How To Buy A Used Commercial Truck

Running a small business in this economy is getting more and more difficult especially one that requires driving large commercial vehicles to customers. Businesses such as electrical contractors, carpet cleaning companies, pest control, painting or any other business in between.

As profits continue to dwindle and the wear and tear and heavy demands of the used commercial vans start to take their tolls along with the the constant fluctuation of the ever increasing gas prices these businesses still need their fleet to get their job done regardless of the price.

In fact, I'd argue that with less capital available today, that the ability to keep the trucks running smoothly with routine maintenance becomes even more of a headache because the maintenance starts to slowly eat into your profits. But if you don't do the daily maintenance there is the very real possibility that your commercial truck may experience more costly repairs down the road.

This means that you may potentially be faced with the unpleasant task of purchasing a new commercial vehicle or at the very least exploring that option of replacing your vehicle.

But there may be another alternative, you could look at purchasing a used commercial truck or van. For some small businesses purchasing a commercial vehicle could be the equivalent of adding a part-time employee in regards to the of cost. Actually in some ways the risks could be even greater because during an interview you are better able to gauge whether the potential employee will be more of an asset than a liability. You can check references, look at record of previous employment etc.

The idea of buying a new or used truck though brings on a whole new set of concerns such as whether the prospective truck will work on a reliable basis. What is the history of the vehicle, does the truck have the proper service records, were there any accidents etc.

So you may choose to purchase a brand new commercial truck because you know that you'll be getting a solid asset for the business but the price may be very cost prohibitive.

Which means you may then look to purchase previously owned commercial vehicles but you may end up with more headaches and out of pocket expenses than what you previously had started with before you ever even started looking.

Whether you are going through the steps of targeting a large or small truck, for whatever business you own, your business still needs a simple process for identifying and acquiring quality used commercial vehicles.

There are definitely ways and procedures for not buying used commercial trucks or vans but there are definitely ways you can go about doing that.

For instance you may be tempted to just solely look at the cost of the vehicle which is never a good idea because that presents a whole other set of problems such as purchasing from private sellers or small no name auto dealers because they often lack the strict quality control inspection process necessary when selling used commercial vehicles.

Having the internet today though, is an incredibly useful tool that enables you to greatly increase the likelihood that you'll purchase a quality used van or truck because you can view the reputation of the dealership, the length of time they have been in business and the way in which they deal with their past, current and future customers.

Tomorrow we will reveal a number of key tips that will help you when you are looking to purchase your next used commercial vehicle because there are certain do's and don't that you'll want to know that will definitely help you in your search so stay tuned for tomorrow.

FrontlineMotors is a premium commercial vehicle dealer as well as equipment and truck bed dealer located in Lancaster PA 17543 they have been serving the local and regional area since 1977. They can be contacted at 717-627-7888

How To Buy A Used Commercial Truck

How To Buy A Used Commercial Truck

Used commercial trucks today really enable business owners to save money and if you are looking to replace one of the commercial vehicles in your fleet you will want to read this article. We will go over some tips and strategies on the best way to save yourself time and money, which is always important in today's more financially conscious world.

If you find yourself in a position where you're going to need to replace your used commercial truck, there are several options that are available to you including buying a brand new truck. Now buying brand new you will know exactly what you are getting but you will also pay a premium for that knowledge.

You'll also have to be ok with losing value the moment you drive the commercial truck off of the lot.

Given the way the truck manufacturers have built these vehicles, some of them will last millions of miles and have little to no mechanical issues, so if you are looking to save some money while at the same time getting a mechanically sound truck, now is the perfect time to start looking.

So here are some suggestions that will help you with your used commercial truck buying decision.

First thing that you're going to want to consider is what you are going to use the truck for on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Often business owners overshoot their real expectations and end up over buying on a truck because they thought they were going to need this or they really believed this was going to be the use going forward.

This can be a financial nightmare because if you are getting a truck to big for your needs then you'll not only be overpaying on a larger vehicle but you'll be ending up paying more in gas since larger vehicles tend to have worse gas mileage than smaller trucks.

In addition to getting something to big, you may find that you went to small and while you may save money on gas your will find that you are having to take multiple trips because the vehicle is to small to carry everything or worse can carry what you need at all.

So there is definitely a fine line between what you need now versus what you need or may need in the future. A suggestion would be to look at your last 3 years and gauge your need on your last 3 years of use. If you haven't needed to upgrade you probably won't have to unless you land a larger contract in which case congratulations!

Next you will also want to consider the mileage on the truck because if you are going to be doing short stop and go distances that won't have as much a factor as if you were driving greater distances. The greater amount of driving that you'll be doing the more you will want to consider a truck with less mileage.

Really the less mileage the better but even more so if the business has you travelling greater and greater distances.

Another area that you'll want to look at is whether to buy from a private individual or buy from a dealership. If you buy from a private individual you have no way of really knowing the history of the vehicle unless the owner kept the maintenance records for the used commercial truck.

You may be better off looking at a dealership that specializes in used commercial vehicles because they have the service center to maintain the lot as well as the experience and knowledge to answer your specific questions.

What you will want to look for though in a dealership is one that has been around a few years, if the dealership just opened their doors or really don't specialize in commercial vehicles they may not have the ability to fix the commercial truck because dealerships may from time to time get one off trades but if they don't specialize I might tend to stay away.

If you find a dealership that specializes in used commercial vehicles then a few considerations you'll want to look at for instance do they have their own an auto or truck service center for working on commercial vehicles? Do they have their own body shop to help with dent and dings? Do they have a large selection and what type of guarantees or warranties do they offer?

These are a few of the questions that you would have as well as what type of quality inspection do they provide before they list the truck for sale on their lot if they provide one at all?

Following a few common sense and gut feelings go a long way towards helping you in your search for the right used commercial vehicle and helping you save time and money.

We will be running a series of articles aimed at helping you the business person with saving time and money as well as getting your business back on the road as soon as possible.

For more information or to look at some quality used commercial trucks visit us online at or give us a call at 717-627-7888. You can also visit our new google + page by going here 
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Best Used Cargo Vans- Insider's Secrets

The fact that we are still recovering from the economic fiasco from a few years ago, more and more people are taking their hobbies and interests and turning them into a business.

Whether you were a landscape worker and wanted to start your own landscaping business or you built houses for someone and now you are looking to be your own general contractor or anything in between.

Many of these business owners will end up depending on their used commercial vehicles for their trade whether it's just one or multiple vehicles.

Owning multiple used commercial vans there is one thing you'll need to consider quality of the vehicle. If you aren't to familiar with identifying a quality used commercial vehicle then either hire a technician to go with you to inspect the truck or find out if the dealership has a trained and licensed mechanics that specialize in used commercial vehicles.

Understanding the day to day task of the job will also alter your decision on what type of used commercial truck you'll want to purchase.

For instance if you are general contractor you may need more of an open backed truck since you may have materials that don't need protection from the elements.

While a moving company may want a more enclosed back to protect the property that the company is moving from the elements.

You may also want to consider whether or not you will need a commercial driver's license or CDL for short because some used commercial trucks require the CDL which is a specialized drivers license. This means not everyone on your staff will be able to drive the truck, so that definitely needs to be factored into your decision making.

The size of the used commercial van would also need to be taken into consideration as well because usually, not always, but usually the larger the truck the worse the gas mileage. Plus many of the larger trucks run diesel rather than unleaded gas which also adds to the price.

Fortunately with the internet you are only a click away from watching some videos or reading some reviews of the different type of used commercial vehicles may be of interest to you or your business.

You may want to also consider Frontline Motors used commercial vans inventory page because they buy and sell a number of commercial vehicles weekly, not to mention they opened a brand new state of the art commercial vehicle repair facility to better service their clients needs.

This will allow them to purchase even more commercial vehicles and service and inspect them to ensure you are getting a fully inspected and running quality used commercial truck.

Feel free to Call us at 717-627-7888 or visit their website

7 Tips For Buying A Used Commercial Vehicle

For many of us, besides the purchase of our home, our commercial vehicle may be the most expensive and important purchase you will make. You will be using the truck or cargo van on an almost daily basis whether going to the job site or soccer practice or just having some fun.

So before just going out and purchasing any old or new commercial truck you'll want to do some homework first.

For instance you will want to answer some basic quesitons such as what will I be using the vehicle for because maybe instead of buying a car you may need a minivan.

Will you be mostly driving long or short distances?

Will you be hauling or loading, do you need an enclosed cabin or open air, or will you be needing a lot of storage? Will that storage need to be secured?

What exactly will you be hauling or loading?

These are just a few of the questions that you will want to have answered before you can then start to answer questions such as should I buy a new or used commercial vehicle.

Once you've answered a few of those questions you can then start to narrow your search down and thanks to the internet your job is even easier.

Below are 7 tips that will help you find and buy the right commercial truck for you.

1) Determine how much you want to spend before you start to look at commercial vehicles. Deciding how much you can or want to pay before you start looking will help you make better choices. For instance you've heard the old saying don't go to the grocery store hungry well the same is true here.

2) Read up and watch some videos of the make and model of the vehicle you may be considering purchasing because you may find that the car or minivan you are looking at may not be right for your needs after all.

2) There really is a good time to buy a truck and that tends to be at the end of the month because most dealerships have quotas that need to be met and they are usually more willing to work a deal.

4) Ask a number of questions and request a carfax report about the vehicle you are looking at as well as view any damage that may be visible. Does the salesperson seem knowledgeable and are they more interested in listening to your needs then they are in making a sale.

5) You will want to test drive the car since you will be the one driving the car. Drive the truck or van on different road types and for at least 15 minutes. This will give you a chance to hear the engine, test the acceleration levels as well as check the brakes.

6) Work with dealerships that have been in business for at least 10 years. There are a lot of fly by not operations that will just sell you any old car and not be around when you need help. Chances are that a dealership that has been around for at least 10 years will be around another 10years.

7) Have fun, yes, have fun the old days of dreading buying a business truck or trailer are long gone because there is so much information out on the different types of makes and models. You don't have to feel like you were taken advantage or that you purchased a lemon. If you follow these simple tips you will be light years ahead and on the road to enjoying your new vehicle. 
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